We are registered with the Jersey Charities Commission. Beresford Street Kitchen Registered Charity Number 227. The Aspire Charitable Trust Registered Charity Number 226

We are also registered as a Non-Profit Organisation under the Non-Profit Organisations (Jersey) Law 2008.

The letters from the Comptroller of Income Tax confirming our charitable status are available by clicking here (Non-Profit Organisation Registrations, Tax Clearance, COIT Letter)

The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company (originally incorporated under the name TACT Jersey Limited) is available by clicking here (Memorandum and Articles of Association, Special Resolution, Certification of Incorporation)

The 2018 Financial Statements are available here.

The names of the Board of Trustees of The Aspire Charitable Trust are Julian Clyde-Smith, Eleanor Christie, Paul Watson, Valerie Cartwright, Paul Burton, Patricia Lewis, Paul Routier, Ross Willcox.

The names of the Board of Directors of Beresford Street Kitchen are Julian Clyde-Smith (Chair), Valerie Cartwright (Vice Chair), Eleanor Christie, Paul Watson, Paul Burton, Gabrielle Ellmers, Patricia Lewis, Paul Routier, Ross Willcox.