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£15 enables a crew member to attend a workplace training session every month.

If you require any assistance please email [email protected] or call 07797718299

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What is Rise Up?

RISE UP is a new community programme where you can show your support for people with learning disabilities and/or autism and ensure BSK can keep on providing valuable workplace training opportunities into the future. £15 per month will provide a workplace training session for a crew member and make a long-term difference to their life.



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Gabby Ellmers, CEO:

There are still so many barriers in society and in access to work for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. Last year, two crew members with 4 years training were ready to move on to open employment and started applying for jobs. The hospitality industry was on its knees with over 250 vacancies. They got very little response and felt dejected. One removed Beresford Street Kitchen from their CV and instantly received interviews. We need the community to Rise Up and stand with people with learning disabilities and/or autism so we can make real long-term changes in creating a more inclusive society and workforce in Jersey.

Watch these short videos to find out more about BSK and the difference it makes.

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Virtual Founders Wall

Thank you to our Founding Members below for their amazing support in helping getting Rise Up off the ground!

Justin and Rebecca Christie

Lauren Flambard

Gabby Ellmers

Cyril Marquet

Julie Barras

Ella Vieira

Val Cartwright

Adrian and Betty Renouf

Dave Ellis

Philippe Marahier

Georgie Dodd

Malcolm and Nina

Robert and Adelina D'Orleans

Donna Blandin

Ross Willcox

Sue Pallot

Maarten Leeuwenburg

Kayleigh Carson

Susan Stevenson

Jeannie and John Richardson

Lara Weller

Eleanor and Alastair Christie

Jonathan Le Maistre

Lorraine and Chris Ellmers

Nigel Mather

Le Gallais & Luce

Rosemary and Henk Leeuwenburg

Paul and Pauline Routier

Cross Family

Anne Hamilton

Cirsty De Druchy

Paul Watson

Julian Clyde-Smith

Sue Pallot


Join RISE UP and give more people with learning disabilities and/or autism access to quality workplace training that changes lives, and changes our community for the better along the way.

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