Join the BSK 1000 Club!

In September 2021 we launched the BSK academy. It costs £25,000 to see one cohort through an academic year. If we can sell all 1000 numbers in our club, together we will raise this £25,000.

1000 Workplace training sessions cost £15,000 so even reaching this would be incredible and would offer so many more employment, training and education opportunities to the crew.

And it’s easy….

Buy a number for £30 (that’s just £2.50 a month) and win up to £200 every month. Your £30 will make a real difference to our crew!

There are 5 monthly prizes up for grabs:
1st prize – £200, 2nd prize – £100, 3rd prize – £50, 4th prize – £25, 5th prize – £10

How it Works

An annual number costs £30 (that’s just £2.50 a month). Your number is entered into our monthly draw where you have the chance of winning one of the five prizes each month. Winners will be notified directly after each draw.

The year runs from the last Wednesday in January until the last Wednesday in December. If you wish to join during the year you can do so on a pro rata basis. Contact for more details

How to Enter

Please complete this application form and email or send to BSK (details on form). Payment can be made online or by cheque to BSK and multiple numbers can be bought.

Your support will make a difference!


1: Applicants must be over 18 and BSK reserves the right to undertake any age verification checks it deems necessary.
2: Maximum numbers sold – 1000
3: All tickets, and any subsequent winnings, must be in the name of the person purchasing the ticket.
4: Multiple numbers can be bought and must  be paid for in full before the draw, no refunds offered.
5: Applications and payment must be received by 20th of the month in order to be entered into the draw.
6: Ticket purchasers must be ordinarily resident in Jersey or purchase their ticket while in Jersey.
7: On receipt of payment you will be allocated a number/numbers between 1 and 1000.
8: The monthly draw takes place at Beresford Street Kitchen, on the last Wednesday of every month.
9: Winners will be notified by email or phone and payment of winnings will then be arranged.
10: Winning numbers will be posted on Facebook and on the BSK website.
11: Ticket holders are responsible for ensuring Beresford Street Kitchen has up to date contact details.

Any queries, please contact Georgie on or call 07797718299

Winning Numbers

Jan 2022: 1st - 332, 2nd - 4, 3rd - 176, 4th - 86, 5th - 339
Feb 2022: 1st - 6, 2nd - 216, 3rd - 354, 4th - 33, 5th - 257
March 2022: 1st - 394, 2nd - 82, 3rd - 354, 4th - 215, 5th - 110
April 2022: 1st - 267, 2nd - 362, 3rd - 288, 4th - 37, 5th - 268
May 2022: 1st - 410, 2nd - 42, 3rd - 246, 4th - 17, 5th - 50
June 2022: 1st - 274, 2nd - 10, 3rd - 177, 4th - 181, 5th 152